There are various security issues when dealing with E-Commerce websites and businesse, which can effect the overall running and  trading of the business. The first, and the main security issue concerning online businesses is hacking. Hacking is the process of an unauthorised users gaining access to the business network and system, which they are then able to control that system to gain personal information, spread malware, changing and deleting files that are stored within the system, and many more that the user is able to do. With hacking, the user can gain access of information about the business, gaing credit card details and personal information about the business owners, which they can then use themselves, which is known as fraud. There are various steps that the business can take in order to prevent these hackers from accessing their system. Some of these actions of prevention include high level data encryption, which this can be easily done by right clicking on the folder or file they want to encrypt, clicking on advanced properties and select encrypt to secure data. Much level higher encryption can be added, which is much harder for the hackers to decrypt the data, adding more security to the files. Another prevention action is for the business to add very strong passwords, whihc will require verification that the correct user is logged on, as well as adding another protection layer against the hackers. Another protection is Secure Socket Layer, which provides the users with a certificate, helping with site security, identity and also firewalls to protect the businesses site at all times. This benefit the business as it will then prevent unwanted access, giving the customers reliability that the site is safe and they can access thier personal information safely, but these methods can sometimes slow down the overall sites performance, as well as people forgetting the password they have added and the SSL security being slightly expensive and requires updating. Hackers can affect business as they can steal and use thier personal information they have, they can also control the businesses website, meaning they can adjust prices, products, and the whole desgin layout of the website. Hackers can also gain access to credit card details, and change the passwords on the system, meaning the business owners will not be able to access the system unless they hack back into it.


Another main security issue is Viruses and malware, whihc the programs are able to duplicate themselves, whihc spread and cause infection to the system, which information can be accessed as well as taking up a lot of memory storage space. Once a virus is caused, this then tends to spread around the whole system, affecting the overall running performance and gaining access of personal information and data stored on the system, which can be difficult to get rid of when thier is an infection on the system, depending on whihc type of virus is it and how much  of the system is infected. Viruses can be prevented by the business buying and downloaing high end anti-virus software, such as Kaspersky, which will help protect the system against any potential threats that encounter, securing the files and data stored. These anti-virus software also provide many features and utilities, such as daily scans and check-ups of the system, as well as telling the users if a certain website is safe and secure to use before they access the site and they also find things can that harm the system before they actually infect it. Keeping the computer system updated can also prevent viruses, as the new updates contain the lastest features and protection to secure the users at all times, as well as the use of a firewall, which this will alert the users about any suspicious activity that may occur. Tools such as ad blocker and using secure web browsers can also provide and offer the users with any sense of security when browsing online. This will benefit the business as this will increase the reliability and trustworthy usage of the site of the customers, as well as speeding up the overall performance of the system, running effectively and efficiently due to the reduction of malware. On the other hand, anti-virus software can possibly slow down the site too, due to the constant running of that and othe programs, important files may also be infected and corrupted, and if not backed up or unable to gain the file, this will then have to be deleted, as well as constant update to protect the users, which may be very unconvinient to busy businesses. Viruses can affect business as personal information can be accessed, as well as the files and data stored becoming corrupt, especially the most important ones which will have to be deleted and will lose records of the business, any purchases and sales and also other important information, which will also slow down the running of the system.


Identity theft is also another main factor of security issues . Identity theft is when another person steals or uses someone elses personal information, which they can them make out to be another person when they are not, which is also known as fraud. This then gives the user rights to the other personas bank details, name, age, location and any other type of personal information they can use. Indentity theft can occur on the business, and the customers, making them both prone to this criminal offence. This can be used in various ways, such as making purchases of godds and items on another persons bank card, handling thier business, whihc they can take all of thier money they have stored, as well as ruining the business and stealing what they have, controlling how it works and operates without the actual business owner knowing, making various transactions and more. Indentity theft can be prevented by the business by adding very strong password on the system, which add both lowercase and upcase letters, as well as numbers, which will add another layer of protection against this. Storing necessary information on the website is also key, as the more information on the site that is not necessary, the easier it is to access. Data encryption, and another authentication method besides a password may be added to secure the system. Indentity theft can also harm and affect businesses as if a customers had thier details stolen whilst on the businesses website, this will reduce the repution, reliability and trustworthy usage of the webiste from each and every customer. The business will then start to lose customers due to this, as no one want to have thier details stolen, resulting in the business losing out on customers and having bad press, which will affect the whole running and trading of the business. The benefits of this is that strong alpha numeric passwords are very hard to access and break down, as well as the utilisation of password forget tools gains confidence in the customers. However, the users may have the same password for each thing, which this can be easily accessed.


There are also various methods that can be used to help protect the users, such as Secure Socket Layer, which provide a secure way to access the website, putting off any potential hackers due to the advanced security enforcement. Another secure method is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, which is a protocol used for secure usage and communication over a network. This is much more secure than HTTP, as it is much harder for web pages and sites to be hacked , data is also not sent in plain text, adding a layer of security . RSA is also another secure method, which is an encryption for data stored within the system. This is an efficient encryption method that provides strong layers of security, with fast key transactions that can be fixed easily and quicky if they become corrupt. Alternative Authentication Methods are also very good, adding another method other than passwords, such as patterns, voice reconigition, fingerprint and more to access. This provides an extra laer of secuirty, which is harder to hacking into rather than the use of typical passwords, providing the users with high end secuirty and reliability as well as different methods to access if they forget. Including a privacy policy will also help, as this will inform the customers of how the data and information is collected and used



Task 3- Discuss How Security Issues In E-commerce Can Be Overcome

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